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Title: When You Can't Go Home
Chapter: Interlude: Swindle
Warnings: Psychological trauma
Rating: PG13
Universe: Mirror Universe G1
Summary: Five million years ago, a crack Decepticon unit specializing in prisoner rescue and recovery was captured and imprisoned by the Autobots. Now, the Decepticons are trapped on Earth deadlocked in an endless war against Optimus Prime - until Starscream disobeys orders and breaks the Combaticons out of the Autobot mind prison.

1: Rescue

I can feel the others – sometimes it's the only thing that tells me I'm not dead and locked in the Pit.

....And sometimes it's enough to convince me I am.

At least the yellin' has stopped for the most part. At first it was all I could 'hear,' Brawl and Onslaught raging against.... whoever. Whatever.

Ons got quiet pretty fast, and Brawl wore himself out eventually. Don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

Because that's when the screaming started.


It's not really screaming, I guess. It's more... feelings. Crazy, insane 'make you wanna claw your own optics out 'cept you don't have any' sort of feelings.

I'm sure I'm only getting' the muted version, but sometimes it gets bad enough that all I want is for him to shut up. Brawl gets the same way – the longer Vortex goes on, the angrier Brawl gets until you can feel it comin' off Ons, too.

Think Ons is more angry at whoever put us here, but that don't make it any easier to handle.

Sometimes, I think I might be able to handle this if they'd all just shut up.

Can't feel much from Blasty  - not surprisin', really. Blast Off was designed to spend long stretches of time by himself.

Almost makes me wish I'd been built a shuttle. Or maye that Vortex had been built a shuttle.

It's not his fault... but frag it, that doesn't make it any easier to handle.

Just got to take it one fit at a time... because that's the only way to mark time in here.

And I just gotta hope that it's just my imagination that says that Vortex's fits are lasting longer and longer....


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