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Title: When You Can't Go Home
Chapter: Homecoming
Warnings: Psychological trauma
Rating: PG13
Universe: Mirror Universe G1
Summary: Five million years ago, a crack Decepticon unit specializing in prisoner rescue and recovery was captured and imprisoned by the Autobots. Now, the Decepticons are trapped on Earth deadlocked in an endless war against Optimus Prime - until Starscream disobeys orders and breaks the Combaticons out of the Autobot mind prison.

1: Rescue
Interlude: Swindle
2: Homecoming

When we first became aware after being placed here, I admit I was surprised at our apparent good fortune. In the line of our duties, I'd seen the very worst of what the Autobots could do, mechs so tormented by what had happened to them that they were irretrievably insane, beyond even Vortex's skill.

How had we been spared that? In the beginning, I though perhaps we were merely being... stored... for later interrogation and torture, and we were left conscious so our anticipation of the coming torments could heighten.

I've come to a different conclusion in the time since. How long we've been here, I can't tell. I have no chronometer anymore. I have no body to feel, or optics with which to see.

I'm merely- I wish to say 'floating,' but that implies some sensation still and  there is none. The only indicator of my existence is my own thoughts...

I can feel the others, sometimes, vague presences in my mind. Is this a side effect of the gestalt? Or something the Autobots did? I'm inclined to believe the former, if for no other reason than I doubt that the Autobots would be so kind as to provide us with companionship.

Or maybe their intentions were for us to all go mad together?

I have no idea how long we've been here... It seems like vorns, but more likely, far less. I have to believe that, and I have to believe that the others will come for us, as we came for so many of them.

I have to believe that.

I have to.

The alternative is madness.
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