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[ profile] ultharkitty posted this little meme challenge, and I'm procrastinating again, so here we go!

The challenge:
What are your five favourite fics that you've written?


Include links so people can read them.

Make a new post with your answers so more people can see them. Writers are encouraged and expected to be self effacing and down on their work, and self-reccing is something people tend to sideeye. Which is pretty unhelpful - it encourages us to downplay the things that make us smile, and can contribute to some shitty thought processes. Plus, it means we don't end up sharing something that could make someone else smile. Some of the best fics I've read recently have been new links to old work that I've missed or read a while back and forgotten to return to. It's great to rediscover stories, and it's good to celebrate the things that make us happy. So meme?

<.< I can't make decisions like this!

Five favorite humor fics:
The Giant Purple Griffon Incident - Seriously, it's a giant purple griffon. A GIANT PURPLE GRIFFON. I still like the characterization in this one, and the Combaticons arguing is just funny. Poor Onslaught.
Propaganda - Just poking fun at the cartoon, here.
A Very Understandable Misunderstanding - Blades/Slingshot will always be one of my favorite pairings, for the pure snark of it.
Aircraft Do Not Belong in Closets - More Blades/Slingshot, plus awkward sexytimes. The banter between these two is always hilarious fun to write. Yes, I amuse myself. Bunches.
Fly Until the Last Piece Stops Spinning - In particular "Falling Down Vortex" XD “OH PRIMUS, WE'RE FAAAAAAAALLIIIIIIING!” The 28s meme tends to be a lot less dark and way less serious than the Warden series. The humor's more playful than sadistic, and while I'm a huge fan of dark humor, the 28s Vortex is just fun.

Five favorite dark/serious fics:
21:00:00 - Okay, so it's not all that serious. The implications are a little dark, though, and it's one of my favorite flash fics, especially for the sneaky bits of honesty from Vortex.
Excerpts from the Science Logs of the Planetary Exploration Team on X1342 - Honestly, I copy-pasted that title just now. This one was fun to write, and I enjoyed playing with the TF origin myths.
Breach - It's a mystery! Okay, yes, a very short mystery, but hey. I like it. And I kinda adore the idea of Smokey and Red being buddies, despite the complete lack of things in common. Red came through rather well, paranoid but not crazy. Op and Red's relationship, also good.
Shattered - Not just the first fic, but the whole series, including the unposted bits (is that cheating? Yes, yes it is). It's my flagship rip your guts out and make you cry series, and it gives me lots of opportunity to show just how much Slingshot cared about his team, while making him a complete and utter asshole.
Under Scrutiny - I coulda stuck this under humor, but it's a preeeeetty dark humor. Dead bodies are hilarious, right? This is probably the only thing I've ever written in first person or present tense that I liked. It works though, with Vortex self-narrating his day.
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