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Fic Title: MY IMMORTAL by [ profile] ayngelcat
Warnings: Art contains robot snuggles, no real spoilers. For fic warnings, see here (to masterpost)

Pics under here )
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Title: Corruption
Author: [ profile] ultharkitty
Artist: [ profile] casusfere
Fandom: G1 Transformers
Warnings + Content Notes: Art contains gore, sexual implications, and fic spoilers. Fic contains sticky and non-sticky, consent issues, dark.

Link to fic:

Pictures under here )
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Still haven't been able to write. On bright side, have more ponies.

vv More robots under here, plus leery Predators, Alien!Pony, kilt!Pony, and one out of place steampunk!pony. vv )

I'm also debating signing up for the robotbigbang as an artist... but not really sure. I really only work in silly stuff (see above) and pencil. hrm hrm hrm.

The [ profile] robotbigbang was too tempting. Also, have some more cartoon!Vortex shenanigans.

Vortexes! All G-rated )
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I really meant to write today, I did. *facepalm* This school load is killing me. Learning both Java and Lingo, plus computer theory, plus accounting. Too many projects due tomorrow and a test the day after. Got a 3-D animation class in there too, but it's more fun than stress. So why am I whining on my fandom journal instead of my personal one? Because helicopters are adorable, of course. Have some Vortex doodles that illustrate exactly how I've been feeling lately:

Image cut! )

That is all. :3
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Been a while since I did robot-ponies, so here's a couple new ones: Spinister and Needlenose. They're not quite finished with the detail work, and I don't have a real camera here, but I had to share.

ETA: Stole friend's smartphone. :3 Better pics!

Yes, I cut up and repaint My Little Ponies for fun )
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Postin' a bit of doodle while I'm typin' up the last of Under Scrutiny and workin' on Captive.

Vortex being a scribbly badass )

Back soon with real content.
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Got around to updating my Etsy shop finally, and posted the Custom Ponies, including Mini-Scream. Also tossed Ithaqua, Vortex, and Nuclear Fallout Pony up there. I feel like such a geek, and it's great. :3

Saw Dark of the Moon, and alternated between wanting to throw popcorn at the screen and squeeing wildly. One good thing - I'm writing again! Not the fic I'm supposed to be writing, but it's a start.

And because this is my fandom journal, I posts pic.

Just because I can. Meet Mini-Scream.
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Title: Analysis
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Summary: Ficlet continuing my little exercise of attempting to get inside each combiner's head. Short, half-hour breaktime ficlet.
Read more... )

And following that with some doodlage!
Have some Abominus, with bonus smirky!Hun-Grr and happy!Rippersnapper attachments. :3
Happy Rippersnapper is happy. )

Vortex can't keep his hands to himself. Vortex/First Aid )
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Yup, I'm nuts. Have a drabble and meet the first My Little Psychopath.

Title: The Invasion of Ponyland
Rating: PG

The day Megatron took over Ponyland, most Decepticons decided to stay on the ship. That was alright. It wasn’t like the Ponies had much in the way of firepower to resist a Decepticon incursion, and on the contrary, had been quite welcoming. The majority of those Decepticons who had braved Ponyland turned around and left after the third picnic invitation. After the fifth attempt at a “makeover,” only one Decepticon was left – and he was having a blast.

Sidling up to Rainbow Dash, he introduced himself with a deceptively cheerful “Hi! I’m Vortex. I heard that you like to fly?” >:3

And pics down here. )

That is all. ^.^
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The pony madness continues!

And he glows, too. )

That is all. ^.^
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Not Transformers today, but Lovecraft. And ponies. Little ones. That are mine.

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fthagn! )

Silly Art

Dec. 14th, 2010 09:34 am
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So I wasted an entire Sunday baking cookies and working on silly chibi-robots. XD Great fun, it was. Only ended with one animated rough draft and an icon.

Silly robot rough draft )

In other news, I have more flash fiction to post, after I read through for awkward typos. And after I get over how inherently disturbing Abominus/Sixshot is. Yes, I went there, and [ profile] ultharkitty encouraged me. :3

Editing to add: I continue to procrastinate.
Have a Hun-Grr.

The best part about having two heads is the ability to eat two ice cream cones at once.


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