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It's my birthday and the third anniversary of being in fandom, so I bring you: essay! On writing!

Warning: Cas is being meta again.

So I went on an extended disorganized babbling spree about how jerks are jerks but they're jerks for a reason a while back, which I cut off because it was way too long already and just getting longer. This is the continuation of that. Expect no organization and only a passing association with coherency.
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I freely admit that almost all my favorite characters are jerks. Vortex is a sadist, Red Alert is high-strung and paranoid, Slingshot could be pictured under "jerk" in the dictionary, Blitzwing is so much of an asshole that even the other Decepticons avoid him, and Motormaster- I don't think I need to explain Motormaster.

Writing jerk characters has always been more fun for me than making everyone get along, but they're often misused in fanfiction. And when they are, the author isn't just doing them an injustice, they're doing their entire story an injustice. Jerk characters properly characterized provide interesting dramatic tension in a way that a two-dimensional pseudo-villain never could.

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tl;dr... Some characters are jerks. They have reasons to be jerks. Please be remembering these reasons.

-.- I could continue, but it's late, and this thing is already way too long.
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Okie... Cas is bored, and thus is getting verbose. :P Time to dig out a soapbox and start blabbing!

The subject of the moment: Red Alert. G1, not Armada. He's twitchy, he's paranoid, he's a complete workaholic, and he's difficult to keep in character.

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Yes, yes, teal deer alert. So, to summarize. Red Alert does not have a glitch. He does not think that any of the Autobots are secretly Decepticon spies or that they're conspiring against him. He's not a conspiracy nut. He's the director of security, and while he's paranoid and everyone knows it, his reaction to being dismissed isn't going to be hysterical panic attacks, it's going to be anger. He's serious, caustic, and grouchy, and very good at his job. As director of security, he has to be suspicious, because everyone's lives may depend on him catching something the others miss.


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