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Title: 2am Alarm
Rating: PG13
Warning: Spinister has a flamethrower. He uses it.
[ profile] tf_speedwriting Prompt: #2 – Strange sounds at 2am.
Summary: Sometimes, the strange sounds Red Alert hears in the middle of the night really ARE Decepticons breaking into the base.

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A/N: So it turns out, what I need to motivate me to write is to be too busy with something to have time to do it. Solution: Story snippet interspersed with notes and writing between classes and while waiting on tutorees. In a related note: anyone know an LJ or Dreamwidth RP that can use a Blitzwing... or Red... or Springer... gah, I just want to RP. My tabletop group has barely been able to meet due to conflicting schedules (mostly mine, I admit) and I'm going through withdrawals. @.@ I need my stress-relieving RPs, dangnabbit!

Title: Unfamiliar Land, 2/?
Rating: PG
Warning: Amnesia
Characters: Red Alert, Inferno, Ratchet, Firestar, Smokescreen
Universe: G1
Summary: Red Alert wakes up to find everything he'd ever known gone, and himself surrounded by unknown mechs.

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Title: Unfamiliar Land, 1/?
Rating: PG
Warning: Amnesia
Characters: Red Alert, Inferno, Ratchet, Firestar
Universe: G1
Summary: Red Alert wakes up to find everything he'd ever known gone, and himself surrounded by unknown mechs.

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Totally stealing this one from [ profile] ultharkitty!

There are twenty four hours in Red Alert's awesome day. In each of those hours, something has to happen, even if it's Red Alert doing something mind-numbingly dull (for him, not necessarily for us, depends who/what he's thinking about ;) ).

I'll write a drabble-to-flashfic for each of those hours. But in order to make this as entertaining as possible, I need some prompts!

In order to claim, comment with the following: Time slot, prompt, any other characters you would like involved, and a max rating if you want one.

YOU CAN PUT IN MULTIPLE CLAIMS! (maybe max 5 per person?)

Important stuff:

Continuity: G1 cartoon
Setting: the Ark and surrounding area, season 2

Red Alert is on duty until 12noon and off duty after. He may or may not still be working while off duty.

Things I'm happy to write: Crack, darkfic, friendship, smut and just about anything in between.

Things I'm not happy to write: Mechpreg. Consensual relationships with Starscream.


Midnight - Catching Mirage sneaking off base (eerian_sadow)
1am - Smokescreen, "It's not what it looks like!" (wyntir_rose)
2am - catching someone (preferably an officer) sleeping at their post (eerian_sadow)
3am - Wheeljack appears to be trying to smuggle something into his lab. (ultharkitty)
4am - Perceptor distracts him (naboru_narluin)
5am - EXPLOSION!!!!!!! (this may or may not be related to 3am :P) (ultharkitty)
6am - Inferno - 'am I disturbin' ya?' (__wilderness__)
7am - Decepticon attack! (eaten_by_bears)
8am - an unconventional meeting with Jazz (naboru_narluin)
9am - late for (and stressing about--or is that implied?) a meeting with Prowl (antepathy)
10am- Check up with Ratchet (eerie_iri)
11am -
Red Alert goes off duty at 12noon and will be off duty for the rest of the day)
12noon -
1pm - Aerialbots - mischief managed (__wilderness__)
2pm - 'Accidentally' listening in on Seaspray and Powerglide talking about their respective personal lives ;) (ultharkitty)
3pm - That is the most inane, earwormy song he's ever heard. And it. Is. EVERYWHERE! (eaten_by_bears)
4pm -
5pm - meeting an energon covered Sunstreaker in the hallway (naboru_narluin)
6pm - trying to watch a movie with Bluestreak (antepathy)
7pm - Smokescreen - friendly chat (__wilderness__)
8pm- Thanked and hugged by Fireflight (eerie_iri)
9pm- Kissed by Inferno in Security Center(eerie_iri)
10pm Quickie in the Security Center with Inferno (flarn)
11pm - nap/cuddletiems with Inferno (eaten_by_bears)
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Okie... Cas is bored, and thus is getting verbose. :P Time to dig out a soapbox and start blabbing!

The subject of the moment: Red Alert. G1, not Armada. He's twitchy, he's paranoid, he's a complete workaholic, and he's difficult to keep in character.

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Yes, yes, teal deer alert. So, to summarize. Red Alert does not have a glitch. He does not think that any of the Autobots are secretly Decepticon spies or that they're conspiring against him. He's not a conspiracy nut. He's the director of security, and while he's paranoid and everyone knows it, his reaction to being dismissed isn't going to be hysterical panic attacks, it's going to be anger. He's serious, caustic, and grouchy, and very good at his job. As director of security, he has to be suspicious, because everyone's lives may depend on him catching something the others miss.
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Because Red needs more love!

Claiming is now closed.

In chronological order:

Season Two, the Ark, Earth:
Well-Shagged (Auto Berserk)
Angsty (Auto Berserk)
On His Knees
On Vacation
At the Beach
Playing with Kids
Drinking Energon
Turned On
Book Reading
Season Two, Autobot City, Earth:

Season Three, Cybertron:

How it works: Pick one or two unclaimed prompts from the list above, and a character, setting, thing, or idea you want included. I write a story focusing on Red Alert that includes the prompt and the extra thing you pick. Got it? Good! Leave a comment with your claim, and I'll get to writing!


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